Business English for European Works Councils

Intensive Course for Members of the EWC of one Company

The Euroteam Concept: Working Together!

Improve the effectiveness of your EWC - speak one language.

You want to enhance communication, understanding, trust and knowledge within the European Works Council of the company you work for? You want to be able to talk to each other without interpreters alongside your meetings and/or conferences? Very often it is during the meals, in the breaks, in the evenings that informal conversations take place - but also very often these conversations happen mostly among the “national” groups, don't they?

We help you to achieve these goals! In our seminars, which we have created for the specific purposes of EWCs, the participants from one company and many different countries have the opportunity to work on their English language skills. We provide you with all the specific vocabulary that you need. Plus they spend time together, which means improving contacts, improving their cross-cultural understanding.

You will do a lot of creative activities together. You will become a real team.

Contents of such a training are e.g.:

  • Enhancing communication skills in every-day-situations in your professional life
  • Participating in meetings and conferences regarding relevant issues
  • Enhancing understanding of business reports and presentations
  • Exchange of information about conditions in the various represented countries (like working conditions, structure of the workforce, remuneration systems, business development of the various locations)
  • Exchange of information about systems of staff representation systems in Europe
people in a group reading a book
  • Various parts of the seminar see the groups doing activities together
    • To improve group dynamics
    • To encourage free talking with everybody
    • To facilitate cross-cultural understanding
  • One particular part consists of a special team-building exercise
  • Teaching includes lots of creative, interactive and musical elements
  • Tutors specialize in working with staff representatives and unionists
  • Tutors support students to find their individual learning style
people in a group reading a book
Study materials are developed by Euroteam for the particular requirements of staff representatives in Europe Study materials for students with a low level in English are provided with translations / vocabulary lists into their resp. mother tongues - this allows for a significantly faster learning process - and it provides “equal opportunities” to each participant, also beginners!
  • participants fill out a short assessment sheet regarding their levels in English, their expectations and wishes for the course
  • Euroteam provides participants with a short compilation of key vocabulary prior to the course
  • Duration: (usually) 1 week (arrival Sunday, departure Friday afternoon)
  • Venue: seminar hotel in UK or Ireland (we are familiar with the scene and know suitable hotels, e.g. in Eastbourne, Dublin, Cork, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford)
  • Different levels: 2 (or more) groups are formed according to their levels of English
    • Maximum size of groups: 10 persons
    • Groups are coached by one tutor each, in different rooms of the same hotel, at the same time
  • Meals are taken together
  • Free time activities can be organized by Euroteam and done together by all groups
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